Run Your Global Business While Thriving in the Hybrid Cloud

Your SAP ERP system has been with your company as you are growing. However, now that you are expanding your business globally, your company is growing with new subsidiaries, new acquisitions and is penetrating new global markets. This is the reason why you need a new solution to help you integrate these new entities with your corporate ERP—but can you do so rapidly and affordably, and achieve the real-time global visibility and efficiency that your business demands?
You can do so with NetSuite! It has a two-tier ERP model that lets you preserve your on-premise ERP investments in SAP or other systems, while equipping global subsidiaries with a more agile, flexible cloud-based ERP/financials system and giving your headquarters the real-time visibility it needs.

A NetSuite platform offers:

Tailored functions for fast-growing mid-size business and large enterprises

Automates all aspects of business, including areas such as financial management, fixed assets, billing and inventory management

Can be used by everyone in the business, from top management to clerical staff

Provides a customizable view of KPIs relevant to each role in the company

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